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NSM Magnettechnik - Feeding Systems

Feeding Systems


Slope / hopper conveyor

NSM slope conveyors are available in two designs:

As an overhead device with a link chain and as a plate chain conveyor with inclined, lateral discharge. The link chain of the overhead device is equipped with hardened tappet strips discharging the workpieces stored in the hopper of the conveyor transferring these to the downstream sorting facility.

Within the area of the linear oscillating line, the workpieces are fed across sorting baffles.

Double and incorrect layers are reversed in the feed hopper. Correct layers are provided in the blank stagnation at standstill or without stagnation, individualised in a separation compartment for removal handling. During feeding with a lateral discharge, the sorting of the workpieces occurs within the discharge track, in part by means of a sorting slide with an integrated mould. Since the workpieces must slide / roll onto the discharge track via the tappets mounted at an incline onto the plate chain, the conveyor with a lateral discharge is especially suited for disc- and ring-shaped workpieces but also for short cylindrical or square pins.

Both conveyor types are available in various standard designs. They are suited for feeding metallic and non-metallic workpieces with a max. piece weight up to approx. 8 kg.