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NSM Magnettechnik - Your company for Conveyor systems

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Press Automation Systems

Handling of blanks and formed parts

Due to our extensive know-how in the field of automation, machine construction as well as in the field of control technology, we can meet the increasing demands of our customers concerning quality and productivity while offering at the same time flexibility and control production methods. Our most important customers are from the automotive, press and sheet metal processing industries. The systems are designed according to the special requirements of our customers. This means: free scaling of the automation degree and individual adaptation of the automation solution to the existing investment capital.

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Press Line Automation
Different types of presses can be adapted to our modular systems and give you the best return on your investment.
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High-Speed Linear feeder
We offer the high-speed linear feeders in 2 variants. As High-Speed Linear feeder press to press Automation and as High-Speed feeder hotforming automation.
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Stacking Systems
NSM is the market and technology leading manufacturer of different stacking systems for magnetic, non-magnetic and aluminum blanks.
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De-Stacking Systems
The NSM modular design allows to custom-assemble the optimal destacker according to the press type.
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Hot Stamping Automation
Hotforming enables the production of car body parts meeting highest safety and quality standards and reducing the component‘s weight at the same time.
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End of Line Systems
In order to guarantee a high degree of production reliability and flexibility, NSM offers manual and robot stacking systems, which meet the high requirements of modern component manufacturing.
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Automatic Rack-Palletizer
Due to the continuously increasing usage of high-performance servo press lines, it is becoming a logistical challenge to handle and transport the finished part load carriers (Racks) quickly and safely.
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Packaging automation

Transport systems for metal packages

The business area Packaging automation sells, plans and manufactures high-speed handling systems for cans, lids and seals within the manufacturing and bottling/filling industry.

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Palletizer, De-Palletizer, Sorter
NSM manufactures tailor-made systems for palletising, de-palletising and sorting steel and aluminium cans for the manufacturing and filling industry.
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Can Handling
For the transport and provision of steel or aluminium cans, NSM designs individual solutions for the beverage, chemical and food industries.
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Lids- / Closures Handling
NSM offers quality high-speed solutions for the feeding, transport and packaging of lids and closures.
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Conveyor Systems

Conveying, interlinking, feeding, loading and unloading, disposal, filtration

The business area Conveyor systems sells, plans and manufactures conveying and system solutions for transporting, interlinking, feeding, installing of bulk parts, disposal of punch scrap and chips as well as magnetic filter and separation units.

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Conveyor systems
The NSM product programme provides a wide range of conveying solutions.
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Feeding systems
For the correctly positioned feeding of bulk material/bulk parts to processing or assembly processes, NSM Magnettechnik provides different conveyor systems.
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System solution
For more than 50 years, NSM Magnettechnik was able to establish a profound understanding for production processes and requirements of their customers.
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Loading and unloading systems
NSM provides different plant designs with various degrees of Automation.
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Filter and separation systems
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