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NSM Magnettechnik - Can Handling

Can Handling


Can handling

The provision of cans in different sections of your processes is safely guaranteed by NSM can handling systems.

Whether special conditions for hygiene or fire protection, our concepts meet the highest requirements.

Whether 2-part or 3-part cans, bodies, round or rectangular canisters, are moved within your processes by NSM. Aluminium or tinplate containers are transported damage-free with up to 150 m/min and capacities of up to 4,000 cpm. Magnetic or vacuum systems offer us various approaches to solving your requirements.

Vacuum elevators for aluminium cans, chain conveyors or magnetic belt conveyors from NSM move cans and frames.


  • Magnetic conveyors (belt, G- and C conveyors)
  • Vacuum conveyors (vacuum brigdes)
  • Chain Conveyors