Step conveyor

Step conveyors combine a maximum protection of the workpieces to be fed with a good advance orientation of the individual parts on the conveyor steps. NSM offers a wide range of standard models for various applications. From a simple lifting conveyor with downstream takeoff conveyor for small parts - e.g. upstream of assembly lines, to the heavy-load conveyor for workpiece weights of up to 25 kg as they are used for charging induction heating plants or metal forming presses.

Via moveable lifting steps of the conveyor, the workpieces are carried from the hopper. The sinusoidal movement characteristics ensure a careful transfer of the workpieces from the top lifting step to the downstream conveying or sorting facility. If a linear oscillating line is used, the workpieces are carried via sorting baffles.

Double and incorrect layers are reversed in the feed hopper or the separate feed bin. Correct layers are provided in the blank stagnation at standstill or without stagnation, individualised in a separation compartment for removal handling.