Step conveyor for heavy loads

NSM heavy-load step conveyors are available in various designs. Depending on the task definition, various widths and thickness of the steps are available. Since, in particular, heavy-load feedings are subject to special loads, areas of the conveyors contacting the workpiece are manufactured from wear-resistant steel. The continuous lifting /front plates show no open screw heads, and the hardened end strips can easily be removed from the rear. In case of limited space conditions, the integrated roller gate on the rear of the conveyor has proven useful. Within the guideways of the steps, NSM step conveyors are provided with guard plates against contamination (e.g. rust or small particles of scale) and in the bottom area with one or two pull-out dirt collection tub(s). A central lubrication distribution system (manually or fully automatic) ensures a service friendly use.

Optionally, corrugated tappet strips, lateral cotters and a rotating deflector flap are used. In addition, the system can be equipped with upstream feed bins. This way, the autonomy of the feeding system can be increased considerably. The workpieces can be fed to the dosing channel by means of stackers or an (optional) tipping unit. Controlled by the level monitoring of the step conveyor, the hopper chute is activated and thus ensures the required supply of parts.

Project related, solid takeoff conveyors, linear vibrating feeders, load cells with rejection of incorrect parts and upright positioning devices are integrated. The step conveyor is available with frequency controlled as well as synchronous servo motors.

On request, the plants can be equipped with an independent PLC.