Slide conveyor / chip conveyor

Our permanent magnetic slide conveyors are especially suited for the transport of continuously accumulating Fe chips at processing machines as well as the transport of pressed, punched and finished Fe parts at metal forming presses and blanking units.

Principle of functioning

The magnetic systems circulating inside the liquid-tight body are suspended between two chains arranged in parallel underneath a chute (non-magnetic). They exert attractive force on the parts above. When the magnetic systems are moved, the parts follow this movement to the defined discharge station.


NSM slide conveyors are available in four different sizes and can be customised to meet their task definition in nominal width as well as the arrangement of straight and ascending conveyor segments.

The performance parameters of the conveyor can be varied via the type and number of magnetic systems installed. Furthermore, the units are extendable via various accessories such as hopper superstructures;  liquid restraints, coolant tanks; filter drums, degaussers, and more. 


  • Reliable and established system, thus durable and robust design => efficiency.
  • Maximum degree of safety, since externally there are no moving parts
  • Low maintenance and wear, among other things due to an automatic chain take-up Permanent chain lubrication in an oil-bath
  • Goods conveyed, and all moving and driving elements are clearly separated by the chute; closed system with magnetic systems circulating inside

Fields of application

  • at presses and blanking units
  • at machine tools
  • in quenching baths
  • useable in part to transport hot materials