Loading and unloading systems

For a careful removal of metallic workpieces from bulk containers such as steel or mesh boxes, NSM provides different plant designs with various degrees of automation: the portal unloader used for workpieces with piece weights up to approx. 2 kg, the new belt unloader, developed especially to empty boxes with a high discharge rate while protecting the parts and the new universal unloader.

Portal unloader

The bulk container is positioned with the help of a manual lifting trolley or stacker on the hall floor under the magnetic unloader.

Belt unloader

The bulk container is placed into the take-up frame of a tilting device. Upon acknowledgement, an angled magnetic conveyor belt moves into the box.

Universal unloader

The operator moves the bulk container into the take-up frame of a container tilting device.

Belt loader

After machining, the belt loader transfers sensitive workpieces with minimum drop height into a bulk container.