Conveyor systems

The NSM product programme provides a wide range of conveying solutions. Starting with simple, horizontally installed belt conveyors in the press outfeed up to complex, multi-track interlinking systems with inclines, bendings, segments for the suspended transport as well as complex reversing units or distribution points.

Belt conveyor

Magnetic and non-magnetic for the transport of bulk parts

Apron conveyor / chain conveyor

Transport of moderately heavy bulk parts (e.g. steel croppings, forged pieces, and more)

Slat chain conveyor

Transport of punch scrap and workpieces

Slide conveyor / chip conveyor

Permanent magnetic slide conveyors for the transport of continuously accumulating Fe chips at processing machines as well as the transport of pressed, punched and finished Fe parts at metal forming presses and blanking units.

Toothed belt conveyor

Transport of sheets and blanks made from steel or aluminium, chip board, moulded plastic parts, and more.

Press discharge belts

Transport of pressed and punched parts inside and outside of the press chamber.