Belt conveyor

NSM conveyor belts are used for the transport of various products; frequently for ferrous or non-ferrous metal punch and pressed parts as well as sheet scraps.

As a conveyor belt, belts with a smooth or textured surface are offered, but also special belts such as flat wire link belts (VA) as well as especially firm designs for sharp-edged or burred workpieces.

All sizes are available in non-magnetic but also in permanent magnetic design. Depending on the application, your product is transported positioned flat, suspended, vertically, horizontally, ascending or descending.

There are various drive configurations to choose from, such as the drive via an axial piston engine, slip-on gear motor or articulated joint.  Drive units suspended underneath or drives via a chain reduction gear are also possible.

Steady-state or movable supports with and without height adjustment are available as design options; Baffle plates, strippers, and more are available.